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Photo: Employee working at Lyondell manufacturing facilityAs one of the world’s premier plastics, chemicals and refining companies, LyondellBasell produces materials that are essential to shaping what comes next – in electronics, food packaging, construction materials, automotive components, motor fuels, textiles, medical supplies and more.

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The Company's Amazing Chemistry is applied at 55 manufacturing sites located across five continents. This manufacturing network has enabled the Company to be a pacesetter in the Global Fortune 500 and to earn a listing in the S&P 500. In addition, LyondellBasell's proprietary technologies have stood the test of time. The Company recently commemorated the golden anniversary for receiving a Nobel Prize in Chemistry; an honor awarded for historic work done to create modern catalysts and polymers essential in many end-use consumer goods.

LyondellBasell is widely recognized within the industry with sales of $45.6 billion.* It is one of the largest and most admired global chemical companies. LyondellBasell is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as LYB.

Around the globe, wherever the quality of life is improving, LyondellBasell products are likely there. These products are the structural building blocks of countless goods – numerous products which make our lives easier, safer and more enjoyable. Popular examples include computers, portable electronics, personal care items, food packaging, sports equipment, durable construction materials, piping, automotive components, biofuels, textiles and medical supplies. Now more than ever, the world counts on the chemicals and the products that LyondellBasell delivers. The Company’s performance is buoyed by a dedication to operational excellence and also by the robust development of American shale gas fields. These new natural gas energy fields provide advantaged feedstocks that elevate LyondellBasell’s competitive manufacturing strength. Now, around the world and around the Chemisphere, LyondellBasell people, plants and products lead the way in petrochemical safety, environmental stewardship, product innovation and sustainable performance.

*Based on 2014 revenues

Amazing Chemistry is a trademark owned or used by the LyondellBasell family of companies.

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Shaping What Comes Next

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