Bob Patel    Photo: Craig Glidden  Tim Roberts
Bob Patel
Chief Executive Officer
Karyn Ovelmen
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Craig Glidden
Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
Tim Roberts
Executive Vice President, Global Olefins and Polyolefins
   Photo: Massimo Covezzi  Photo: Pat Quarles Mike VanDerSnick
Kevin Brown
Executive Vice President – Manufacturing and Refining
Massimo Covezzi
Senior Vice President, Research and Development
Pat Quarles
Executive Vice President – I&D, Supply Chain and Procurement
Mike VanDerSnick Senior Vice President, Manufacturing - Europe, Asia and International
 Sergey Vasnetsov  Jackie Wolf  Sam Smolik  
Sergey Vasnetsov
Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning and Transactions
Jackie Wolf
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Sam Smolik
Vice President, Health, Safety, Environment and Operational Excellence

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