Operational Excellence

Photo: Employee working in Australia with plant in background

We value excellence in everything we do.

Operational Excellence is LyondellBasell’s broadly institutionalized philosophy to achieve reliable and measurable performance that enables us to drive continuous improvement in every aspect of our business. This philosophy covers all aspect of Manufacturing including Health Safety and Environment, Quality, Reliability, Cost and Efficiency, People and Community.

In all, Operational Excellence encompasses more than 30 performance standards that cover specific areas of manufacturing, transportation, IT, research and development, commercial, supply chain, human resources and more. Operational Excellence also focuses on developing people to their fullest capability.

These components are closely related. For example, in general, the more reliable the plant, the safer it becomes. The more efficient the operation, the less raw materials and energy it consumes; the less waste it generates, the more we contribute to a sustainable future. Improved reliability and efficiency also have a direct, positive impact on our financial bottom line through additional product available for sale, savings in the cost of raw materials and energy, as well as reduced waste management and disposal costs.

Striking the right balance between knowledgeable people and high performance management systems, constitute Operational Excellence at LyondellBasell.

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