Our Strategy

At LyondellBasell, we are dedicated to a strategy that we call Everyday Excellence, our back-to-basics approach to becoming the premier company in our industry.

We believe this requires flawless execution in six key areas:

  • Operational excellence
  • Cost reduction and revenue enhancement
  • Capital discipline
  • Portfolio management
  • Performance culture
  • Technology-driven growth

It’s not just about "what" we want to accomplish, however; the "how" – or the way we accomplish our goals – is equally important. The new LyondellBasell has an unwavering commitment to safety perfection, reliability and environmental stewardship and a dedication to the highest standards of ethics, fairness and respect for every employee. In addition, we’re building an organization that expects and rewards high performance, and we’ve created a compensation and incentive program that supports this goal.

Everyday Excellence is more than just our corporate strategy; it is a statement of our dedication to superior performance. Collectively, we have the opportunity to create chemical industry history and fulfill the true potential of LyondellBasell’s assets, technology and people.