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LyondellBasell, a global leader, is the most respected company in its industry because of its superior performance, empowered people and social responsibility.


LyondellBasell is in business to deliver exceptional value to its customers, employees, communities and shareholders by developing, manufacturing and marketing polymers, chemicals, fuel products and technologies that improve the quality of people’s lives.

Code of Conduct:

The LyondellBasell Code of Conduct governs all transactions of the Company and is the basis for our decisions and activities.  We have a responsibility to act ethically, with the highest integrity and in full compliance with all applicable laws. Most importantly, our Code outlines our strategy for doing business the right way, every day.

Essential Elements:

Superior Performance - LyondellBasell’s long-term success will be the result of our market and industry leadership. We are committed to winning in the marketplace through Customer Focus, Innovation, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Operational Excellence.

Guiding Principles:

  • Unparalleled Customer Focus
    • Be the partner of choice
    • Deliver exceptional value to our customer
  • Innovation
    • Invest in research and development to extend our leadership positions
    • Drive innovation and creativity in pursuit of superior performance
    • Grow profitably
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • Show an entrepreneurial spirit in everything we do
    • Act as an owner
  • Operational Excellence
    • Drive improvements in everything we do
    • Achieve and sustain cost leadership
    • Challenge the status quo
    • Work with passion and a sense of urgency

Empowered People - LyondellBasell is committed to a culture where employees have the freedom to act with agility and urgency while balancing the need for appropriate process and governance. We will achieve superior business results by embracing diversity and inclusion, and by promoting learning and development, participation, commitment and accountability.

Guiding Principles:

  • Freedom and Accountability
    • Take responsibility and be accountable
    • Plan effectively, then take swift action
    • Make decisions based on what is best for the company
  • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Promote workforce diversity
    • Value the different experiences, traits and perspectives of all employees
    • Treat people with respect, honesty and fairness
    • Collaborate internally, compete externally
  • Growth and Development
    • Attract, retain, recognize and reward high-performing people
    • Promote employee development as a shared responsibility of individuals and the company
    • Use formal and informal dialog to exchange views and ideas, seek and provide feedback, and achieve superior results
    • Celebrate success

Social Responsibility - At LyondellBasell we are dedicated to the principle that workplace injuries, illnesses and adverse environmental impacts are preventable. We manage our businesses with the highest standards of corporate ethics. We are committed to protecting the environment as well as the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and the public.

Guiding Principles:

  • Personal and Process Safety
    • Ensure a work environment where nothing is more important than personal and process safety
    • Commit to being safe, at and away from work, every day
  • Integrity and Ethics
    • Be ethical, do the right thing at all times
    • Be valued and respected members of the communities in which we operate
  • Environmental Responsibility
    • Contribute to sustainable prosperity by using energy efficiently, and reducing waste, emissions and discharges

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