Photo: Antonio

Antonio is a production engineer, and has worked at various company locations across three continents.

Antonio has an MSc in Chemical Engineering from Università degli studi, Palermo, Italy. He has worked in several of the company's worldwide locations across three continents--North America, Europe and Asia. He is now based closer to home--in Ferrara, Italy.

"In 2003, I joined the company as a process engineer in Italy and was trained in the Six Sigma methodology, a disciplined approach to problem solving, and achieved a Black Belt. This gave me an opportunity to lead and implement some cost saving projects. In 2007, I was given an international assignment opportunity to work as process engineer in China for the start up of a new plant."

"As a production engineer at the Lake Charles, Louisiana, Spheripol polypropylene plant, I was responsible for ensuring that the plant ran safely, reliably and cost-effectively. It’s a critical role at the interface between operations and several other departments. I’m proud to work for a company that makes safety priority number one."

My favorite workplace is at the top of one of our reactors at our plant in Italy. From there, the views can be spectacular. The view of the city, the hills and the medieval towns in the surrounding countryside is beautiful!

"Day-to-day, I help the operators deal with operability or quality issues, prepare full production reports, and oversee continuous monitoring to ensure the process achieves performance targets. I’m also a member of a site-wide team that implements improvements in safety, quality, cost and reliability.

Spheripol is a trademark owned or used by LyondellBasell group companies.

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