Electrical Engineers

Here are some examples of opportunities we offer:

Instrument & Electrical Engineer

  • Troubleshoot, engineer, implement and/or improve process measurement and instrumentation, control systems, safety systems, process analyzers, process control computers and networks
  • Participate on teams that design and execute projects to make the plant safer and more efficient and reliable
  • Provide daily technical I and E or control systems support

Control Systems Engineer

  • Develop, optimize and troubleshoot control schemes
  • Develop process models used in predictive control schemes and troubleshoot existing schemes
  • Support or develop models used in unit optimization
  • Support or engineer on-line process analyzer systems
  • Optimize how humans interact with computerbased control systems

High Voltage Engineer

  • Work as a team with electrical technicians to troubleshoot problems and perform equipment repairs
  • Review equipment test reports, analyzes failures, and recommends corrective actions
  • Execute small projects and equipment upgrades
  • Manage the electrical distribution system to ensure reliable and economical operation
  • Continually evaluate the electrical system and plan for expansion and reliability improvements

Corporate Electrical Engineer

  • Provide electrical consultation for global manufacturing
  • Develop and implement standards to maintain a consistent corporate philosophy on electrical systems
  • Maintain long-term plan for equipment replacements and upgrades
  • Lead engineering efforts for the execution of large scale electrical projects
  • Represent the company’s electrical interests to external groups

Project Engineering

  • Lead a multi-disciplinary team of engineers to develop and implement large projects
  • Manage all aspects of a project, from concept through construction
  • Interface with outside companies for engineering, purchasing of materials, and construction
  • Monitor activities to ensure they meet the goals of the project and adhere to company standards
  • Maintain responsibility for the project budget and timeline

We offer endless opportunities for career development. Exciting technical and management opportunities in research, marketing, sales and manufacturing are just a few of the possibilities.

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