Sustainability Features

At LyondellBasell, we are managing our business while caring for future generations.

As one of the world's largest polymers, chemicals and fuels companies and a significant participant in the global economy, we have a responsibility to create value for our investors and customers. As a concerned citizen, we have a responsibility to provide value to our employees and the communities where we operate. As a member of the global community, we also have a responsibility to operate in a manner that protects people and the environment and preserves the planet for future generations.

Reducing Energy Usage – Houston Refinery

When it comes to energy conservation, LyondellBasell is leaving no stone unturned—and no flare stack untouched. While energy reduction efforts typically focus on day-to-day operations within a plant, the company began zeroing in on a critical piece of equipment that sits on the outskirts of the process, the flare stack.

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Putting Best Foot Forward During Relay For Life

Employee volunteers from the Channelview, Texas complex surpassed their fundraising goal of $3,500 by raising almost $5,200 for cancer research. Their contributions helped the North Channel Relay of Life raise over $125,000.

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LyondellBasell Brings Life Back to Houston Area Park

We bask in their shade, admire their beauty, and can even swing from their branches. Trees are a vital part of the ecosystem. They improve air quality, harbor wildlife, and moderate the climate. What happens when their water supply disappears? In 2011, Houston lost millions of trees to the most severe drought in 44 years.

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Cleaning up the Arabian Gulf

Disposable items may be easy to throw away, but littering the beach ruins it for everyone. LyondellBasell and the GPCA Plastics committee had an idea to raise awareness on the importance of cleaning and recycling so they developed “Clean up the Gulf,” an environmental initiative to clean up the beach in the Arabian region of plastic, paper and glass. The collected materials were then sent to be processed and recycled.

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Promoting safety among cyclists

Whether you’re a professional cyclist or you just enjoy taking a spin for some exercise, having reliable and sturdy equipment can mean the difference between an enjoyable bike ride and a rocky one. LyondellBasell’s innovative products help the athlete in each of us stay safe while we pedal. Safety is of utmost importance, particularly during the annual MS 150 Bike Ride. LyondellBasell is a long-time supporter of this event and has raised $750,000 over the past decade for research to prevent M

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Enriching Lives on Earth Day & Every Day

Millions of people around the globe use our plastics, chemicals and fuels daily. When they do, they save energy, protect lives and conserve resources. LyondellBasell is committed to manufacturing its products in a way that supports sustainability. Our core values and performance targets include continuous improvement in energy use and reduction of resource intensity.

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Preserving a precious resource

The statistics are startling: more than 1 billion people, approximately one-sixth of the world’s population, do not have access to fresh drinking water. More than 2 million people, mostly children in developing countries, die annually from diseases associated with inadequate fresh drinking water. Water scarcity can be reduced by increasing supplies and using water more efficiently. To accomplish these goals, effective transport of water is essential and requires pipe that can ensure the safe, hy

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Infrared technology helps detect emissions

Infrared technology has been a popular tool in big screen spy thrillers for many years, and it has found real-life application in military-issued night-vision goggles on the modern-day battlefield. The technology delivers superhuman abilities to the user of a surveillance camera or goggles by detecting body heat in darkness, smoke or light foliage.

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Colleagues show support in hurricane aftermath

When LyondellBasell employees Sharon and Mark Mannino returned to their Bridge City, Texas, home after Hurricane Ike, three feet of sewer water and dead eels met them at the front door. Like thousands of other residents living in the Gulf Coast region, the couple quickly realized that getting their lives back on track would probably be a long and costly process.

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