SAA 100, SAA 101 Technical Information

Material Safety Data Sheets

Sales Specifications

SAA-100 Sales Specification (US) (2179)
(22 Kb)
SAA-101 Sales Specification (US) (2180)
(22 Kb)

Technical Literature

Modified Rosin Resins for Low-Viscosity
Grind Bases and Waterbased Inks with
Improved Storage Stability (2490)
(34 Kb)
Water-Based Ink Vehicles with Improved
Solvent Release and Reduced Foaming
(38 Kb)
SAA-100 / SAA-101 Typical Properties
(27 Kb)
Solubility of SAA-100 in Coatings Solvents
(37 Kb)
Solubility of SAA-101 in Coatings Solvents
(37 Kb)
Preparing Aqueous Emulsions of SAA Fatty
Acid Esters (2483)
(25 Kb)
Preparing an SAA Modified Air-Dry Acrylic
Emulsion (2484)
(25 Kb)
SAA-100 Provides Superior Varnish Performance
(38 Kb)
SAA Resinous Polyols - Performance Enhancers
for Coatings and Inks (2614)
(60 Kb)
SAA-100 / SAA-101 - Hydroxy Functional
Resins for Toners (2682)
(52 Kb)
Low-Viscosity Resins for Weatherable
and Corrosion-Resistant Air-Dry Coatings
using SAA 100 (2281)
(65 Kb)
SAA-100 Application Datasheet (2405)
(29 Kb)
High Solids Alkyds with Improved Properties
based on SAA Polyols - Presented at the
81st Meeting of the Federation of Societies
for Coatings Technology (ICE) November
12-14, 2003 (2583)
(3.8 MB)
High Solids Alkyds Resins with Improved
Properties Based on Styrene Allyl Alcohol
(SAA) Resinous Polyols - Published in
JCT Coatings Tech, February,
2004 (2649)
(781 Kb)

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