Anti-Corrosion Coating

LyondellBasell offers a comprehensive portfolio of anti-corrosion coating (ACC) resins used by customers to protect and insulate oil and gas pipelines in both on-shore and off-shore applications.

Our adhesive and top coat materials can be used in three-layer and five-layer ACC systems for deep water pipelines. These resins are also used in foamed and syntactic layers as well as for field joints, shrink sleeves and repair applications.


Our Lucalen polyethylene and Hifax polypropylene (PP) resins are used by project engineering and pipe coating companies to address requirements including operating temperatures from 40 °C up to short-term temperatures as high as 150 °C.

Top coatings

LyondellBasell offers a polyethylene-based Lupolen grade high density polyethylene and polypropylene-based Moplen Coat products selected by customers in on and off-shore steel pipe top coat applications. This range includes products characterised by outstanding resistance to environmental stress cracking (ESCR), superior high and low-temperature impact performance, indentation and good processability. Specially weighted and thermally insulating PP grades are available for specific off-shore deepwater applications.

More information about our polymer products available for anti-corrosion coating applications can be found on our polymers site.

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