Clear Containers

LyondellBasell’s polyolefins are used by customers in a wide variety of clear container applications where superior clarity and high aesthetics are essential. Our portfolio of Moplen and Pro-fax polypropylene resins (including homopolymers and random copolymers) addresses demanding customer requirements for high functionality as well as cost-effectiveness for the packaging of items such as baked goods, margarine and ice cream, fresh food, produce, frozen food as well as paint and hardware.

Our high melt flow Moplen, Pro-fax and Metocene resins are chosen by customers due to their good combination of high fluidity and transparency. These high fluidity products are used by customers in thin-walled containers or complex containers requiring low molded-in stress.

LyondellBasell’s Clyrell resins are selected by customers due to their high transparency, impact resistance at low temperatures and their ability to achieve high aesthetic characteristics.

More information about our polymer products available for clear container applications can be found on our polymers site.

Moplen, Pro-fax, Metocene and Clyrell are trademarks owned or used by LyondellBasell group companies. Trademarks Moplen, Pro-fax and Clyrell are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.