Good business practices and products contribute to solving global environmental and social challenges.

As a leading petrochemical manufacturer, our long term business success requires a commitment to sustainability principles. By developing products which address global challenges such as water scarcity, energy efficiency and mobility, we are helping to solve some of the world's toughest problems.

We strive to create better environmental and social outcomes in the way we do business.  Promoting safe, efficient and ethical business practices provides better results not only for us, but also for the communities in which we operate.

We continue to work on improving our sustainability outcomes. Read more about our activities and performance in the following sections...

Our Approach Safety and Health Product Strewardship
Our approach Safety and Health Product Stewardship
Environment People Responsible Care
Environment People Responsible Care

Performance Table

View our progress.

Read a tabulated summary of our key HSE performance data to review our progress.

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

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