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Sam SmolikSustainability builds value

Sustainable development principles are integral to the way we do business at LyondellBasell and hold the key to our long term success. Therefore, we are committed to the highest levels of governance, safety and environmental stewardship.

As a signatory to the Responsible Care® Global Charter of the International Council of Chemistry Associations, we have established robust systems and control measures. Our extensive LyondellBasell Operational Excellence Management System provides the framework across all of our production facilities, business processes and distribution conduits.

The products we provide enhance the quality of life across society, and also fulfill the highest standards of product safety across their lifecycle.

Safeguarding and building positive relations with the neighboring communities of our plants is a high priority for LyondellBasell employees. Indeed, making progress in the modern competitive world of petrochemistry is not possible without the talented and dedicated people who share our company’s vision and values, and of whom we are justifiably proud.

At LyondellBasell, we take pride in the progress that we have made towards continuous improvement in key areas which underpin sustainability: people and process safety, health care, product stewardship, environmental impact reductions and resource efficiency. However, we also recognize that there will always be much work to be done if we are to maintain our Goal Zero target of no accidents or incidents.  

We invite you to learn more about our efforts and sustainability commitment.  If you have questions, please contact us. Sustainability is an important part of what fuels our Amazing Chemistry.


Sam Smolik
Vice President
Health, Safety, Environment and Operational Excellence

* You can learn more about this by viewing our, “Enriching Lives Through Everyday Excellence” document. 

Enriching lives worldwide

With the help of LyondellBasell materials, thousands of products are safer, stronger, more affordable and more reliable.

Our products improve the quality of life in countless ways:

  • Fresh-food packaging
  • Lightweight plastics
  • Lightweight automotive parts
  • Pipe systems for water management
  • Durable textiles
  • Healthcare products
  • Biofuels

Download our “Enriching lives through everyday excellence” brochure.

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

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