Security and Emergency Management

LyondellBasell works closely with industry and government agencies on a global basis to address potential security threats to the safety of our employees and communities. We upgrade our knowledge, systems, plans, and training to comply with evolving critical infrastructure protection regulatory requirements. LyondellBasell constantly analyzes opportunities to improve safety through proactive and effective systems and processes at our facilities, within our supply chain, and throughout our information systems.

We strongly support legislation by all nations to establish uniform, risk-based security standards and our corporate efforts are aligned with these goals.

Dealing with emergenciesMany of our  employees are required to travel, sometimes to places where there are security risks such as terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, natural disasters, or corporate espionage as well as an increased chance of illness.  Furthermore, employees may also reside and work in high security risk locations overseas.  Our integrated approach to travel, health and intelligence based protective services provides appropriate tailored information, training and assistance to employees around the world.  This helps minimize risks to our employees, as well as improves access to emergency assistance should an unfortunate event occur that affects our staff overseas. 

Emergency Management

We understand that we must protect our people and the environment as we conduct our business, and furthermore that our operations have the potential to create emergency situations.

Although we focus on prevention, we also constantly prepare for emergency events that could harm workers in our plants, or impact the surrounding communities and the environment. We prepare for this through regular coordination with local governments, mutual-aid groups and other emergency response organizations.

We assess our manufacturing sites to evaluate risks and supply the resources they need to reduce risk. In addition, many of our sites maintain employee teams who are trained to respond to medical incidents, fires and releases of hazardous materials.

High standards of emergency training and drills are maintained through global cooperation across our offices and manufacturing sites. 

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

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