Our sustainability approach

We work hard on finding solutions to global problems

At LyondellBasell, we define sustainability as the responsible and ethical use of resources to improve the quality of life in the world around us. Through our mindful use of natural resources and a focus on technological advancements, we help to improve the quality of life now and for future generations.

As a major petrochemical company, we can make a sustainability difference.  Our business approach is underpinned by key sustainability themes such as resource efficiency, safety, governance and productive stakeholder dialogue. Whether we are working on energy challenges, or speaking with our local communities, our systematic approach to achieving results underpins our success.

LeadershipLeadership perspective

We aim to continually improve the social, environmental and financial outcomes of our operations and products.



Responsible Care LogoResponsible Care

Our engagement in the Responsible Care program helps us to demonstrate good corporate citizenship.


OperationHow we operate

Safe and reliable operations are fundamental to our business approach. Operational Excellence systems help us to achieve consistent results.



PerformanceOur performance

We monitor a variety of indicators as we seek to continuously improve our performance in key areas.




Performance Table

View our progress.

Read a tabulated summary of our key HSE performance data to review our progress.

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

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