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LyondellBasell's Explore & Experiment program demonstrates the science in our everyday lives.

Photo: Young boy holding "goop" made during hands-on experimentIt's a challenge to help students appreciate all the wonderful things that science and chemistry have to offer. But, from baking a cake to landing on the moon, science plays an important role in our lives and the need to explore science and chemistry is becoming even greater in our increasingly technological world.

LyondellBasell's Explore & Experiment program is a hands-on educational CD workbook designed primarily for use in the United States that makes it easier for K-12 students to understand science and chemistry concepts and encourages them to explore and experiment on their own.

Explore & Experiment was originally developed by LyondellBasell employees who volunteered to present various science experiments and demonstrations in U.S. classrooms over the years. To build on these successful experiences, we asked leading elementary and secondary level science educators to expand the program. The result is lesson plans that are designed to give students more of the scientific knowledge they will need to be informed citizens, workers and leaders in the future. In addition, the program includes science and chemistry activities that can be presented by our employees, teachers or parent volunteers to supplement classroom lessons.

What Is Included for Teachers

Photo: Explore & Experiment session at a Texas middle schoolThe Explore & Experiment CD contains lesson plans for both elementary and high school classrooms, safety information, demonstration activities, hands-on lab activities, and other useful resources. Most of these activities are appropriate for students in grades kindergarten through 12 and focus on chemical interactions, properties of materials, environmental science and physics.

The lesson plans conform to the science curricula requirements outlined by the U.S. National Science Education Standards (NSES). Each unit is compatible with constructivist learning philosophy and follows steps in The Learning Cycle. Lesson plans are grouped by elementary and high school units.

How Our Volunteers Can Help

Explore & Experiment also can be used to demonstrate how science is part of our everyday lives. Using the demonstrations section of Explore & Experiment, our employees (or any adult with basic science knowledge) can work with classroom teachers in their area to select hands-on science activities to be presented in the classroom. These activities range from making "slime" and molding clay to more advanced exercises such as combining several compounds to make a high-flying bouncing ball, or electroplating copper using a battery, an electrolyte and a copper penny.

Other presentations are designed to demonstrate important scientific concepts. For example, our volunteers use liquid nitrogen to show what happens to ordinary materials when exposed to extraordinary temperatures. Have you ever seen nails driven into a board with a frozen banana?

Needless to say, demonstrations such as these allow our employees to share their passion for science and show students that science is not so mysterious -- it's part of our everyday lives.

To order a CD or to learn more about how a school in your area can utilize Explore & Experiment, contact the Explore and Experiment Coordinator.

Explore & Experiment is a trademark owned or used by LyondellBasell group companies.  Trademark Explore & Experiment is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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