Community Advisory Panels

We encourage our employees to step up as leaders in the community.

Many of our employees actively engage the communities where we operate by participating in community advisory panels (CAPs). The dialogue from these panels is used to help industry leaders understand citizens’ concerns, seek input about future projects, and build trust in the community.

For example, a CAP in Channelview, Texas, has worked closely with the Equistar and Lyondell plants in that community since 1991.

Morris, Illinois, CAP members have also toured the plant’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to see the extensive preparations made by the site to manage internal emergencies, including the plant’s Incident Command System.

In Europe, LyondellBasell plays a leadership role in similar organizations that bring industrial plants and neighbors together for constructive dialogue. These include the Rozenburg Klankbord group in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and CLIé in Fos-sur-Mer, France.

In Asia, we have joined with various organizations to take part in local environmental and safety improvement activities, including the Petrochemicals Industries Association in Taiwan.