Bayport Volunteers Converge on Armand Bayou Nature Center

September 22, 2015

LyondellBasell Global Care Day Brings Lasting Change

 PASADENA, Texas – Sept. 19, 2015 – LyondellBasell Bayport Complex employees and their families tackled a long list of projects at Armand Bayou Nature Center as part of the Company’s Global Care Day. Now in its 16th year, the event encourages LyondellBasell employees around the world to collectively participate in community service projects.

 ”Armand Bayou Nature Center stands on the shoulders of its volunteers,” said Executive Director Tom Kartrude. “This is particularly true of our corporate partners that bring large numbers of volunteers with unique talents to focus on critical projects. The tasks LyondellBasell completed will benefit our environmental education and habitat stewardship programs for years to come.”

 Volunteers cut back overgrown shrubbery, planted native flowers and spread crushed granite to provide water access for the future Water Discovery Station. Crews also built and installed benches and tables for visitors to enjoy.

 “At over 100 strong, our volunteers are able to provide a lot of labor out here,” said LyondellBasell Electrical Engineer Ryan Ebel. “It’s incredibly satisfying to be able to make a difference not just for those taking in the natural habitat but for the students who will be using the outdoor learning centers.”

 In previous efforts, LyondellBasell volunteers built the Raptor House Aviary and helped fund the Living Lab outdoor classroom which are two of the most visited exhibits.

 “The support has been much more than volunteer days and project grants. LyondellBasell employees have served on many ABNC special event, fundraising and leadership committees,” said Kartrude. “We consider LyondellBasell to be among our best industry partners.”