Community Involvement

We recognize that being a socially responsible member of the community requires maintaining an open door for dialogue with our community and actively working to support community needs.

Community Outreach

Representatives from Berre participate in regular meetings with local stakeholders through the Commission Locale d’informationetd’Echange (CLIE) and the Commission de Suivi de Site (CSS). Many of our employees participate in community groups, and some hold elective office. Berre managers regularly participate in local council meetings.

Educational Support

We maintain strong connections with the educational community, partnering with local universities and high schools. We routinely offer educational tours of the Berre Complex to student groups and other visitors. We also participate in the CLEE Comité Local Ecole Enterprise, organizing events which give the opportunity to students to discover the company world. We regularly donate surplus equipment, such as an ambulance, laboratory equipment and safety equipment, to community groups.

Global Care Day

Thousands of our employees, worldwide, work to make a difference in their communities by joining the LyondellBasell annual community-service day. In September 2015, volunteer employees continued their support of La Chrysalide, volunteers worked alongside the agency’s residents and educators in their home for mentally impaired adults and children located in Entressen. Landscaping, trimming woods, building a concrete floor and repainting were some of the hands on projects completed.


We encourage our employees to get involved in our local communities.