Management Board

Only executive officers may serve on the Management Board. The Management Board is tasked with the management of LyondellBasell. Collectively, the Management Board is responsible for developing, driving, executing and achieving the approved Company strategy and objectives. The Management Board is also responsible for the associated risk profile, the establishment and maintenance of sound business and financial controls, the development of results and dealing with corporate responsibility issues, while simultaneously respecting established policies.

Under Dutch Law, the Management Board is accountable for the actions and decisions of the senior leaders of LyondellBasell, has ultimate responsibility for LyondellBasell’s external reporting and is answerable to shareholders at the Annual General Meeting. Pursuant to the two-tier corporate structure, the Management Board is accountable for its performance to a separate Supervisory Board comprised of outside, non-employee directors.

Members of the Management Board are appointed by shareholders upon nomination by the Supervisory Board.  

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Executive and Management Board Compensation

The best practice provisions of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code and the Dutch Civil Code provide that Supervisory Directors will determine the compensation for members of the Management Board, based on a proposal by the Compensation Committee.  Such compensation will be in accordance with a policy that is voted on by shareholders.  The U.S. federal securities laws similarly require companies to report on the compensation of their chief executive officer, chief financial officer and the three other most highly compensated executive officers (collectively, the “named executive officers”) in the Compensation Discussion and Analysis section of their proxy statements.  In the U.S., shareholders vote on the compensation of the named executive officers pursuant to “say-on-pay.”

The Company describes the compensation policy for its executive officers generally, including its named executive officers and the members of its Management Board in its proxy statement each year.  This information can be found in the most recent proxy statement by clicking here.  

(Re)appointment Schedule

Only executive officers of the Company may be appointed to the Management Board. The members of our Management Board are nominated by our Supervisory Board and appointed by shareholders at our annual meetings. 

The terms of the current members of our Management Board are set forth below.


Bhavesh V. (Bob) Patel

Thomas Aebischer

Dan Coombs

Jim Guilfoyle

Jeffrey A. Kaplan

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2018 AGM

2018 AGM

2018 AGM

2018 AGM

2018 AGM