Polymer Solutions for Hot Water Tanks

Pushing boundaries with Haier household appliances

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Traditionally, water heaters are made of copper or stainless steel which can make these appliances heavy and corrode over time. Looking to create their next-generation line of water heaters, named Casarte, Haier worked with LyondellBasell to develop an innovative and value-driven solution for their customers.

Pulling from deep market knowledge and leveraging its technical expertise, LyondellBasell delivered a polymer solution that combined lightweight features with durability. 

With this Polybutene-1* solution, Haier can produce a lighter and longer-lasting water heater for their customers. Striving to create solutions for a better tomorrow, LyondellBasell is proud to support Haier in their global line of Casarte water heaters. 

Shaping the future through innovative household appliance solutions

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*Polybutene-1 may not be used in the manufacture of pipe applications intended for sale or shipment to North America without prior written approval by LyondellBasell for each specific product and application.