JEC World


Join us April 25-27 for this industry leading event to discover the latest innovations, live demonstrations, ceremonies and networking. During this three-day event, LyondellBasell will be showcasing its in-depth expertise in areas including:

  • Challenges and solutions when selecting materials for bipolar plate designs in fuel cell technologies

  • Hands-on display of how our materials are being used in sporting applications today

  • Demonstration of our premium aesthetics in carbon fiber-based solutions

  • Addressing mechanical strength in tough industrial applications

Interested in a free pass? Click here and use the promo code “ENV1106265357”.

To learn more about the event, visit the JEC World 2023 website.

Below you will find a selection of documents with additional information about our innovative product range. Just click on the links to open and download the documents.

Feel free to reach out to a LyondellBasell representative for any further information or explore our Engineered Composites portfolio.


pdf icon Frunk Design Application Teardown

pdf icon Dura-BMC in Energy Storage

pdf icon Engineered Composites Portfolio

pdf icon EV Battery Systems Application Teardown

pdf icon EV Supply Equipment Assembly Application Teardown

pdf icon Premi-SMC in Electric Vehicle Battery Enclosures USCAN

pdf icon Product Portfolio Overview Polymers

pdf icon Quantum-ESC Materials Summary

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