WEBINAR - Masterbatch Solutions for Mono-Material Packaging

LyondellBasell Masterbatch Advanced Solutions contributing to circularity

The design of plastic packaging today is driven by the ambitious goal of making all plastic packaging across Europe recyclable or reusable by 2030. To meet this goal, packaging developers face the difficult task to design plastic packaging which is high performing but can also easily be recycled in commercial waste recycling centres. The LyondellBasell Masterbatch Advanced Solutions range includes quality products that support premium packaging design while contributing towards circularity. By also offering our extensive technical and materials expertise, we can be your partner of choice to advance innovation in packaging design together with you, our customers, and deliver more sustainable solutions.

Plastic packaging has traditionally consisted of several layers of different plastics including aluminum which makes recycling more difficult. The “Design for recycling” concept calls for redesign of the packaging solution, a requirement for value chain partners as we seek to ensure collected plastic waste can be easily sorted and processed. Implementing Mono Material packaging by using functional masterbatches from our Advanced Solutions range allows our customers to design packaging that is recyclable while maintaining key requirements such as barrier, optical, sealing and mechanical properties. Our masterbatches can be used in both mono and biaxially-oriented polyethylene, polypropylene and PET film creating the optimal packaging solution.

During the webinar we will provide you with insights and a number of application examples that will make you consider our masterbatches for your advanced packaging solutions.

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