Energy & Greenhouse Gases

LyondellBasell prioritizes saving energy.

LyondellBasell is dedicated to Operational Excellence and cost reduction, and in addition to feedstocks, energy is a significant portion of our production cost. LyondellBasell is committed to actions aimed at reducing energy use. LyondellBasell is a partner in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR Program.

2016 Energy Consumption

Our energy use depends on the production rates of a large variety of products with widely differing energy demands.  In 2016 the total energy use decreased by over 7% to 366 million GJ (332 trillion BTUs).

Figure 1 Global Energy Consumption  

At LyondellBasell, our carbon dioxide emissions are closely tied to output and the corresponding amount of energy we consume, we achieved a reduction of over 7% in CO2 emissions in 2016.

Figure 2 Global CO2 Emissions