Waste and End-of-Life Management

We work to minimize our environmental impact.

We take every opportunity to avoid generating waste, using it elsewhere in our operations wherever possible. We look for recovery and recycling opportunities and evaluate co-products for reuse to avoid creating waste.

Most of the waste we produce—around 90%—is dilute hazardous liquid waste from chemical plant operations. Our operations also produce non-hazardous solid waste including general plant trash and construction and demolition debris. Waste disposal is managed in accordance with all applicable regulations. In 2017, 67% of waste was disposed to land, including landfill and permitted injection wells.

2017 Performance

In 2017, the total volume of waste we produced remained essentially stable compared with 2016. However, hazardous waste increased by approximately 2% largely due to expansion at our Channelview and Corpus Christi sites in Texas, USA.