Grow Sustainable Solutions

We believe growing our portfolio of sustainable solutions will help address society’s most pressing challenges. By doing so, we will continue to reliably produce products and offer solutions that are critical to improving the quality of life for billions around the world.

Circulen Family of Sustainable Solutions

The LyondellBasell Circulen product family supports the reduction of plastic waste through the use of recycled content, and a lower carbon footprint through the use of renewable-based content as compared to feedstock from fossil-based sources. The Circulen product portfolio includes: 

  • CirculenRecover polymers are made from plastic waste through a mechanical recycling process; 
  • CirculenRevive polymers are made using an advanced (molecular) recycling process to convert plastic waste into feedstock to produce new polymers, which have a wide range of uses; and 
  • CirculenRenew polymers are made from renewable feedstocks such as used cooking oil, which have a wide range of uses.

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Masterbatch Advanced Solutions

LyondellBasell’s Masterbatch Advanced Solutions product range can offer materials to support in packaging design, sorting and recycling. 

  • Recycled Solutions consist of solutions for Recyclers and Brand owners. For Recyclers, we offer masterbatches for recyclates addressing processing challenges, aesthetic requirements whilst maintaining high quality. For Brand owners, we provide masterbatches with recycled carrier resins to enable reuse and recyclability 
  • Design for Recycling include masterbatches which support intelligent design such as our specialized additives range for mono material packaging and our near-infrared (NIR) masterbatch which allow for polymer sorting in the post-consumer waste streams 
  • Renewable-based Feedstock Solutions contains broad range of masterbatch additives where our carrier resins are based on renewable-based, non-fossil derived feedstock 

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Both ETBE, for which LyondellBasell is the world’s largest supplier, and MTBE, bring valuable environmental benefits in improving air quality and allowing liquid fuels to contribute towards climate neutrality in transport.

  • Delivering clean-burning, high-octane gasoline components that improve engine performance, fuel efficiency, and air quality
  • Fully compatible with other gasoline components, vehicles of all types and age, and the gasoline distribution infrastructure

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