Health, Safety & Security

Our Health and Safety Culture Starts at the Top

At LyondellBasell, incident-free operation is our goal.

Launched in 2009 to help LyondellBasell cultivate a workplace free from injuries, incidents and defects, GoalZERO is an overarching program that underpins HSE culture, operational work practices, and contractor management.

LyondellBasell is a multinational company with a diversity of operational cultures and personnel; the GoalZERO approach provides a unifying HSE theme to link all regions and operational areas of the business. A key element of the program is for all employees to take personal responsibility for creating and maintaining an incident free workplace. This is reinforced through an annual Global Safety Day where employees at each company site organize stimulating educational activities based upon HSE themes for all workers at the site.

LyondellBasell has introduced numerous tools including GoalZERO Workshops and a "Coaching to GoalZERO" program based on behavioral safety principles for management teams and first line supervisors.