Occupational Safety

Worker safety is a fundamental business value.

Performance Overview

LyondellBasell has a consistent top-tier safety performance, ranking in the top 10% of industry. In 2016, our global Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) for employees and contractors was 0.21 (based on 200,000 hours worked).

Although pleased to remain a leader within our industry peer group, we continue to strive for GoalZERO performance.

Programs - Campaigns and Risk-based Approach


Our occupational safety cultural workshops and programs support our GoalZERO objective of achieving a workplace free of incidents and injuries.

At every stage of an activity, whether during planning, preparation or execution, we have defined the GoalZERO rules and practices that should be adopted.  This is also an integral part of our overall Operational Management System.

Learning from internal and external incidents is an important part of our safety culture. When an incident occurs, we analyze the event to help ensure it’s not repeated or even more serious consequences could have resulted. We then take proactive steps to ensure such potential situations are avoided in the future.

Performance Recognition

Our sites and individuals who achieve outstanding safety performance are recognized both internally and externally. Achieving industry leading HSES performance is valued at LyondellBasell and we reinforce our expectations through the recognition of workgroups, sites and individuals who promote and achieve good HSES performance.

Working With Our Contractors

LyondellBasell works with hundreds of contracting companies worldwide, and they contribute considerably to the success of our business. In line with our core business principles, we apply the same safety standards and expectations to our contractors as we do to LyondellBasell employees.

We provide comprehensive induction and training programs so that operations and HSES procedures are well understood, with many sites providing information in multiple languages to aid training effectiveness.

We have developed long term relationships with many of our contractors, aligning our HSES approaches and to jointly explore the most effective ways of identifying and eliminating workplace hazards.

We also hold Contractor HSES forums periodically to emphasize and discuss strategic HSES matters in Europe and North America. Some of these meetings are led by senior LyondellBasell management, to reinforce key safety values.