Image Submission Guidelines

The LifeBeats Image Gallery is open to employees and contractors as well as their families. We want to reach families to reinforce our commitment to safety, health and wellness into our everyday lives through the LifeBeats program. Images, either scans or photographs, can be submitted to your LifeBeats Site Champion through an employee or contractor.

LifeBeats Image Submission Rules

Please read and follow all of the rules carefully to ensure your submission is eligible for display. Only images conforming to the below rules will be displayed on the LifeBeats Image Gallery page.

The image gallery is open to all employees, contractors and their families. To help family members understand what LifeBeats means, we urge you to talk to them about off-the-job safety and health using the Monthly Spotlight as your guide.

  1. Each submission should include a signed Submission Form (available below).

  2. Submissions may be free-hand drawings or photographs (the “Work”). Only Works that the submitter has the full and unencumbered copyright and right to license may be submitted. Submissions cannot include any images that are offensive or otherwise inappropriate, as determined by the company in its sole discretion. Upon submission of the Work the LyondellBasell group of companies has a license to the Work per the Submission Form.  

  3. Submissions should depict the theme of LifeBeats; incorporating safety, health and wellness into our everyday life. Examples could be a family engaged in preparing a healthy meal, participating in physical activity together, or working safely on a community project. 

  4. Hand-drawn submissions should be submitted on the Artwork Forms below.  A signed Submission Form is also required. 

Submission Form
Artwork Form 8.5 X 11
Artwork Form A4


If you have any questions please contact your LifeBeats Site Champion.