Individual Winner - Intermediate Category

Anita Jade, Senior QA Technician - Sinnar, India

Anita is the winner of the 'Intermediate Category' for the 2018 Step Up for Health! – global step challenge. During the 4-week period, Anita amassed a total of 780,028 steps and was one of the top 2 participants each week!

Anita accomplished this goal by exercising multiple times throughout her day.  She would start her day off with cycling before work, walk frequently throughout the work day and regularly trek the local hills and natural landmarks. You can see a picture of her family trekking the Ellora Caves below. Anita would also utilize her local park system to exercise with the available equipment. She converted the exercise using the equipment into steps so she could include it into the challenge. Along with regular exercise, Anita believes in healthy nutrition and reducing stress.

Anita prioritizes her health because she sees the value it brings to her and her family. “Being a mother, I need to stay healthy to keep others healthy. My husband believes the same and he is very supportive of my personal, as well as, my professional goals.”