Calendar of Events

What are we doing this year?

Know your Numbers


February: Know Your Numbers

This month we will be focusing on Cardiovascular Disease and challenging you to "Know Your Numbers". We encourage everyone to schedule an annual physical. This will help you understand your health status today and where it needs to be tomorrow. As always, LifeBeats is here to help!

Step Up for Health!


May: Step Up for Health!

This is the time of year when we challenge you to get moving. Step up to the challenge and step up for health! We want to help those of you working toward your health and fitness goals by re-focusing on the basics of physical fitness.

Join the Fight!


October & November: Join the Fight!

During these months we will be focusing on women's health in October and men's health in November. Highlights of the campaign will be our Global Pink Out for breats Cancer Awareness and Movember for Prostate & Testicular Cancer.