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Employees, contractors and families around the world are putting LifeBeats into action.

Stepping up: LifeBeats 2019 Step Challenge Winners

Between May 4 and June 1, more than 1,450 employees from around the world put on their athletic shoes and hit the road to participate in the 4th Annual LifeBeats Global Step Challenge, an event organized to encourage LyondellBasell employees to increase their physical activity and improve their well-being.

This year, the LifeBeats team made it easier than ever for participants to track their steps with a fitness tracking app to record activity and steps taken. The app made it easier to track activity and as a result, this year’s numbers were staggering. According to the results, there were:

  • 36,275 total entries or activities logged
  • 9,364 steps per day, on average by all participants
  • 66 participating sites
  • 70 percent more activity or steps recorded over last year
  • 20 percent more participants than last year

“We are thrilled with the results of this year’s Step Challenge; the app made it so easy to track real-time results,” said Ryan Sims, corporate health and safety engineer. “We received great feedback from participants and people told me they walked more than ever because the app motivated them to keep going!”

Congratulations to all participants for advancing your health and well-being!




Beginners: Austin Tripam 489,883 steps, Morris, Illinois, USA

Intermediates: Raymond Bradford, 923,537 steps, Morris, Illinois, USA

Advanced: David Gosnay, 1,233,032 steps, Channelview, Texas, USA


Beginners: Brunella Rispo, 466,492 steps, Brindisi, Italy

Intermediates: Vittoro Langella, 1,004,226 steps, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Advanced: Erwin De Clerck, 1,196,461 steps, Bornem, Belgium

Asian and International

Beginners: Thamizharasan Veeramani, 463,728 steps, Chennai, India

Intermediates: Satish Dabhade, 1,089,770 steps, Sinnar, India

Advanced: Darshit Bhatt, 2,036,291 steps, Vadodara, India

Site versus site challenge

Small Site: Vadodara, India, 29,477 daily steps per person, 33 participants, 13,796,499 total steps

Medium Site: Clinton, Iowa, USA, 11,434 daily steps per person, 121 participants, 40,122,916 total steps

Large Site: Rotterdam, Netherlands, 8,858 daily steps per person, 73 participants, 18,752,610 total steps

Channelview hosts inaugural LifeBeats Global 5K and Family Fun Run

On Saturday, June 1, while most people were still sound asleep, approximately 140 LyondellBasell employees and their family members put on their running shoes to participate in the first ever LifeBeats Global 5K and Family Fun Run. The event capped off the LifeBeats 2019 Annual Global Step Challenge while giving participants another opportunity to get in even more steps.

Participants had the choice to take part in the 5K (3.10 mile) Family Fun Run or the 5K race on the roads around our Channelview, Texas plant. With daytime temperatures soaring to 37 degrees C (99° Fahrenheit), race organizers were ready to beat the heat with tents along the route stocked with water and sports drinks, misters and speakers playing motivational music. There were also numerous medical professionals on-hand ready to render aid and vehicles patrolling the course offering support.

Race organizer and corporate health and safety engineer Ryan Sims was thrilled with the event. Ryan said, “This is a great turnout for our inaugural event and I’ve heard only positive feedback from participants. We are already looking for volunteers to help us make this a truly global LifeBeats event in 2020. As a global company, it’s our goal to establish this event around the globe," said Ryan.

Kim Foley, Channelview site manager participated in the 5K event. “I am a true believer that individuals who have the discipline to focus on their health and fitness are the same individuals who motivate and elevate great teams,” said Kim. “They have an energy level that is contagious and they role model for others that a work \ life balance is possible.”

If you would like to host a LifeBeats Global 5K and Family Fun Run at your site, contact LifeBeats today.

Special thanks to the LifeBeats Committees at Bayport, Channelview, Houston Technology Center, Pipeline and LyondellBasell Tower for making this event happen! #LYBProud