Site Champions

Our site champions are an extremely important part of our LifeBeats Team!

Site champions are here to help promote health, wellness and off-the-job safety for LyondellBasell employees and their families. They also serve as the link between you and the LifeBeats Core Team.

Contact your site champion for more information on what your location is doing. Don’t see your site listed? Contact the LifeBeats Core Team to step-up as your location’s site champion.

Africa-Middle East

Dubai: Maya El Husseini


Guangzhou: Mose Lin

Suzhou: Sandy Jia

Thailand Polymers (Rayong): Witchuta Akkarawattanawittaya

Australia-New Zealand

Geelong: Rebecca Henriksen or David Stannard


Bayreuth: Johann Kaul

Berre Chemicals : Patricia Gilles

Botlek: Kenneth Bijkerk

Brindisi Plant: Gaetano Conti

Carrington: Gary Cochran

Ferrara: Massimo Cimarelli

Fos-sur-Mer Caban: Serge Maligue or Francois-Xavier Carret

Frankfurt: Petra Hoffmann

Maasvlakte: Coen Dusseljee

Milton Keynes: Chris Baker

Moerdijk: Karin Tolenaars or Yuri Knoop

Muenchsmuenster: Anton Dofka

Rotterdam: Suzanne Jurczik

Tarragona: Jordi Pardell

Wesseling (including Knapsack): Tanja Detloff

North America

Bay Area Manufacturing Services (BAMS): Jack Hogue

Channelview: Jennifer Cunningham

Chocolate Bayou Polymers: Mike Adkinson

Cincinnati Technology Center: Meshell Bassitt

Clinton: Angie Jacobs

Corpus Christi: LaTrell Fuentes

Edison: Cody Beaver

Equistar Pipeline: Kimberly Lenz

Fairport Harbor: Troy Leasher

Houston Refinery: Jackie Kamholz

Houston Technology Center: Terrie Paschal

Jackson: Bob Culver

La Porte: Tara Peeters

Lake Charles: Forrest Brown

Lansing: Jen Queen

LyondellBasell Tower: Joe Sentmanat

Mansfield: Chris Wright or Glenn Reid

Matagorda: David Pena

Tuscola: Nick White, Rose O'Donnell or Cristina Irace

Victoria: Sandra Vela-Cisneros

South America

Pindamonhangaba: Mauro Barros