Personal Health Risk Assessment

A personal health risk assessment (pHRA) is a health questionnaire designed to provide you with an evaluation of your health risks and quality of life.

A pHRA commonly incorporates three key elements: a questionnaire, risk calculation or score and some form of feedback, such as an automatic online report. The assessment promotes awareness of your personal health by analyzing your lifestyle practices and revealing health issues that your personal choices could impact.

There are a range of different pHRAs available; however most capture information relating to:

  • Demographic characteristics (age, sex)
  • Lifestyle (exercise, smoking, alcohol intake, diet)
  • Physiological data (weight, height, blood pressure, cholesterol)
  • Attitudes and willingness to change behavior in order to improve health

The main objectives of a pHRA are to:

  • Assess health status
  • Estimate the level of health risk
  • Inform and provide feedback to participants to motivate behavior change to reduce health risks


By completing your pHRA, you are taking the vital first step in getting a better understanding of your own personal health and identifying any potential areas of health risk.

Complete your pHRA today: