Step Up for Health!

LifeBeats Global Step to Health was a three week voluntary challenge of employees, contractors and family members. We had about 700 participants from 55 different sites in 17 different countries.

Overall this was a very successful challenge in that we reached the company in all corners of the world and not just employees but contractors and family members as well! Many sites helped promote the challenge by translating material, sharing information in daily safety meetings, encouraging walking groups as well as encouraging more interaction between colleagues. Great job everyone!

Don’t stop walking now that the challenge is over, keep going!

Contractor winner! Morris, Illinois

Jennifer Holliday took extra steps to receive first place in our challenge. Jenn found creative ways to get moving!

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Site winner! Aurangabad, India

Randhir Kumar, Aurangabad site manager, challenged employees in daily safety meetings to walk to colleagues offices to talk instead of sending an email. Little steps accounted for the most steps for this site!

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Family Member winner!

Suzy Oligmueller was challenged to join in the steps by her daughter Jordan Oligmueller who works as an engineer at the Bayport Complex in Texas. 

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