Occupational Health

We are committed to advancing the health, safety and wellness of our employees.

LyondellBasell embraces the concept of health and productivity management. We believe that improved well-being and quality of life of employees contributes greatly to overall job performance. In addition to addressing health, safety and wellness, we encourage our employees to take a holistic approach to their health, which is the underpinning philosophy we have practiced for years.

Working with Outside Organizations

Sharing workplace health practices and knowledge within our wider industry helps us maintain and improve our expertise. We participate in many industry platforms to discuss and capitalize on programs related to aging workforce, mental health, emergency medicine, and chronic workplace disease. In addition to benchmarking performance against other leading companies we participate in forums including:

A Holistic Approach to Health

At LyondellBasell, we also believe in improving the health and safety of personnel in their daily lives away from work through a program called Life Beats. Whereby all of our sites offer wellness programs and off-the-job safety information to staff covering for example: weight loss, flu inoculations, smoking cessation, ladder safety, driving/travel safety, skin cancer examination, stress management, and nutritional advice.

We provide our people with accurate and up to date information regarding chemical substances in the workplace with systems for managing:

  • Incoming Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for feedstocks and raw materials, enabling the most up to date information to be accessed and shared between sites.
  • Industrial hygiene data to allow the tracking of health and hazard exposures.