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<p><strong>Q:</strong> How do I use the "Filters" to find the product I am looking for?</p>

<p><strong>A:</strong> Here is a detailed document that explains how to use the filters to narrow down product selections.</p> <p><a href="/link/e2eb4c2aa61e408fbc382fcfa0d14f07.aspx" target="_blank"><img style="margin-right: 5px; vertical-align: middle;" title="Need Help? Click here." alt="question mark" src="/link/b932fcb3888a4918aaed320a7bbc299a.aspx" height="22" width="22" />&nbsp;How to use Filtered Search</a></p>


<p><strong>Q:</strong> <span style="font-family: Calibri;">Do you offer email alerts for your SEC filing and new releases?</span></p> <p><span style="font-family: Calibri;">&nbsp;</span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

<p>A: LyondellBasell offers automated options to receive e-mail alerts about SEC filings, Stock Information&nbsp;and new releases. <a href="/link/9872dc4531634e93b7800d7b88de07a1.aspx">Click here</a> and select the Email Alerts link at the bottom of the page.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>