Standard Invoicing Requirements and Guidelines

This document is intended to provide direction regarding the requirements for submitting invoices to Accounts Payable. For instruction on where and how to submit invoices, please review the document titled “Ways to Submit Invoices.”

All requested information must be on the face of the invoice.

PO Related Invoices: 

  • The word “INVOICE” and not statement

  • Phone # 

  • Supplier/Vendor name 

  • Invoice number 

  • Invoice date 

  • Invoice total amount

  • Purchase order number 

  • Purchase order line item  

  • Quantity, unit of measure, unit price and extended amount per PO line item

  • Date(s) of service/delivery

  • Description of service/material

  • Service Entry number for each PO line (may be attached to or written on invoice)


Credits are submitted on a credit memo and shall not be included on an invoice. Credit memos are submitted the same way invoices are submitted (see the “ways to submit invoices” document.)

Include the following information when submitting credit memos for the full amount of the original (incorrect) invoice: 

  • The word “Credit Memo” 

  • Supplier/Vendor Name 

  • Phone #

  • Credit Memo number 

  • Credit Memo date 

  • Credit Memo total amount 

  • Purchase order number 

  • Purchase order line number 

  • Original invoice number 

  • Explanation of credit

Ways to Submit Invoices to Accounts Payable


Non Logistic Invoices: PO related invoices must be sent to
Logistics invoices: must be sent to

Email Requirements:

  • All attachments must be PDF/TIF

  • One invoice and back-up per attachment

  • A maximum of 5 attachments per email 

  • Email size should be less than 10MB. 

Please do not send statements or status requests to the above address.


Logistics (713) 495-4948
Non-Logistics (713) 495-4947

For aged invoices, contact the supplier query group

by Phone: (713) 309-7480


LyondellBasell Administration will process payments once a week.