Ethylene glycol ethers and glycol ether acetates are clear liquids with mild, pleasant odors. Due to the presence of both an ether and a hydroxyl group in the same molecule, these products are miscible in water, as well as most organic solvents, making this group of products ideal for use as resin solvents in the paint and coating industry.


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Product Data and Technical Information

Corporate Statement

Ethylene glycol ethers and acetates are used in paint and coatings, hard-surface cleaners, polishes, solvents, chemical intermediates, surfactants, agricultural chemicals and corrosion inhibitors. They are also used in the electronics market.

Benefits & Applications

In addition to surface coating applications, glycol ethers are used as dye solvents in the printing ink, textile and leather industries, and as a solvent for agricultural applications. Non-solvent applications for glycol ethers include anti-icing agents in jet fuels, fluids for hydraulic systems, and as chemical intermediates for plasticizers.

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Glycol Ethers