Community Involvement

We recognize that being a socially responsible member of the community requires maintaining an open door for dialogue with our community and actively working to support community needs.

Community Outreach

The Ferrara site maintains a friendly dialogue with the local community, and we meet routinely with local authorities to discuss common concerns. We also participate in "Open Factory Day," when we invite community members into the facility to learn how we responsibly manage our processes, products worker safety and environmental protection.

Educational Support

The Ferrara Site collaborates with "Sapienza" University of Rome to offer a special masters degree in polymer engineering and science for university graduates. This innovative program links post-graduate study and work.

Global Care Day

Thousands of our employees, worldwide, work to make a difference in the world by joining this annual community-service day. In past years, employee volunteers and family members participated in the "Vulandra 2008" community festival in Ferrara and supplied several kites for participants.


We encourage our employees' engagement in the local community. They are active in community-service groups such as AVIS, ADO, ANT, Lions and Rotary. Some employees lead these groups.