Houston Technology Center


The Houston Technology Center serves as a research and development center to advance process technologies and chemical catalysts for LyondellBasell's global intermediates and derivatives businesses.

This state-of-the-art research center is adjacent to the company's largest U.S. manufacturing complex in Channelview, east of Houston.

The Houston Technology Center brings value to our business by improving catalyst and process technologies to reduce manufacturing costs, improve yields and lower capital costs of new construction. The site uses miniature pilot units to simulate processes increasing efficiency and profitability in scale facilities.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

LyondellBasell has a firm commitment to sustainable growth. Our approach focuses on providing economic value to stakeholders while maintaining respect for the environment and social issues important to communities where we operate.

Providing Economic Value

Our site is a contributor to the local economy. We provide skilled jobs, purchase local goods and services, and pay taxes to support local schools and government services.

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