Community Involvement

We recognize that being a socially responsible member of the community requires maintaining an open door for dialogue with our community and actively working to support community needs.

Community Outreach

Our employees are encouraged to be actively engaged in the local community and can be found in such roles as coaches, Scout leaders, and volunteer firefighters.

Global Care Day

Thousands of our employees, worldwide, work to make a difference in the world by joining this annual community-service day. Many of these projects have improved community parks and playgrounds in Tuscola.


Our employees open their hearts and wallets to support local organizations. For example, they generously support local community-service agencies through an annual United Way payroll-pledge campaign.


We encourage our employees’ active engagement in the local community. They donate hundreds of hours to community service every month. They also serve as firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians, science-fair judges, Scout leaders and coaches.