Community Involvement

We recognize that being a socially responsible member of the community requires maintaining an open door for dialogue with our community and actively working to support community needs.

Community Outreach

Employees from our sites meet regularly with representatives from the local community. The sites communicate continuously with the communities where they operate. Our regularly updated “Information for the Neighborhood,” offers important information about the company and how local citizens can contact us.

Educational Support

We support several community organizations, such as schools and kindergartens. Many of our employees serve these organizations in leadership roles. The Wesseling and Knapsack sites are among the largest employers in the region. Each year, we offer 50 new apprenticeship-training positions in six different professions. More than 150 people receive training in our Education Center simultaneously. Skilled and ambitious candidates combine their apprenticeships with academic studies at regional universities.

Global Care Day

Thousands of our employees, worldwide, work to make a difference in the world by joining this annual community-service day. In past years we have cleaned the Rhine riverside by collecting plastics from the river and recycling them. We have also painted the interior rooms of the EvangelischesJugendzentrumJoJoin Frechen.