The Milton Keynes site is located in the southeast of the United Kingdom, approximately 45 miles from London, and covers 25 hectares in Milton Keynes town. The site has been a manufacturing location for thirty years and has always been involved in the manufacturing and development of plastic compounds for different end applications. The site currently produces over 160 different polypropylene compounds, most of which are for the European automotive industry in applications ranging from external parts such as bumpers to interior trim such as instrument panels. The site is also home to a Technical Centre.

LyondellBasell At A Glance

LyondellBasell is one of the world’s largest plastics, chemicals and fuels companies. We manufacture products and develop technologies that improve the quality of life for people around the world. Our products are the basic building blocks used to manufacture countless everyday goods such as personal care products, fresh food packaging, lightweight plastics, construction materials, automotive components, durable textiles, medical applications, biofuels and many others. With the help of LyondellBasell materials, thousands of products are made safer, stronger, more affordable and more reliable.

We have annual revenues of $44 billion* and 13,300 employees worldwide. Our vertically integrated facilities, broad product portfolio, manufacturing flexibility, superior technology base and reputation for operational excellence enable us to deliver exceptional value to our customers across the petrochemical chain – from refining to advanced product applications.

*Based on 2013 annual revenues

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Enriching lives worldwide

With the help of LyondellBasell materials, thousands of products are safer, stronger, more affordable and more reliable.

Our products improve the quality of life in countless ways:

  • Fresh-food packaging
  • Lightweight plastics
  • Lightweight automotive parts
  • Pipe systems for water management
  • Durable textiles
  • Healthcare products
  • Biofuels

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