Berre Petrochemical Cluster



The Berre petrochemical cluster is a petrochemical complex covering nearly 1,000 hectares located on the edge of Berre l’Etang, near Marseille in the south of France.

The Berre petrochemical cluster includes a polyolefins complex consisting of a steam cracker, a butadiene extraction unit, and world-scale polypropylene and polyethylene plants. The polyolefins complex produces polypropylene and polyethylene resins used for a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications. The Berre petrochemical cluster also includes chemical operations and logistical assets such as harbor facilities, pipelines, storage and distribution terminals. The site is also host to several other chemical companies and is one of the largest petrochemical complexes in the south of France. The Berre petrochemical cluster is one of two LyondellBasell sites in southern France, making the company a major economic presence in the region. 

Performance Summary

Our commitment to sustainable growth balances our responsibility to provide economic value for our stakeholders, while respecting the social concerns of the community in which we operate, and demonstrating care for the environment around us.

Providing Economic Value

  • Approximately 1000 employees work at the site

  • The approximate annual value of site purchases is over 200 million euros of goods and services 

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