Carrington Site


LyondellBasell's Carrington site is located approximately 10 miles from the City of Manchester, England, and covers an area of 300 acres.

The site began operations in 1949, and today produces polypropylene resins used for a wide variety of products. Our polypropylene plant produces resins for use in carpet fibers, ropes and textiles, molded products such as food containers, crates, chairs, car components and film for many packaging applications.

All of our manufacturing operations are registered to the internationally recognized ISO9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental standards and make products for the UK and export markets. Our commitment to sustainable growth balances our responsibility to provide economic value for our stakeholders, while respecting the social concerns of the community in which we operate, and demonstrating care for the environment around us.

Respecting Social Concerns

We recognize that being a socially responsible member of the community requires maintaining an open door for dialogue with our community and actively working to support community needs.

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