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LyondellBasell is a leading producer of basic chemicals for the chemical Industry including ethylene, propylene, propylene oxide, ethylene oxide, tertiary butyl alcohol, methanol, acetic acid and their derivatives.

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We are the world's top producer of advanced polyolefins, polypropylene and polyethylene resins with leading products and technologies.

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We are a refiner of heavy high-sulfur crude oil as well as a significant producer of refined petroleum products and gasoline blending components, including biofuels.

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As a leading innovator and global producer of polyolefins and chemicals, LyondellBasell also delivers state-of-the art manufacturing process technologies, catalysts and technical services.

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Quality Systems

We work diligently to regularly improve our quality performance. This critical business activity embraces best practice exchange that enhance the approach to quality in our organization

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Order Fulfillment Service Standards

We provide a higher quality of service to our customers by aligning with our carrier practices, planning organizations, order fulfillment capabilities, and our asset base

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Product Safety & Stewardship

LyondellBasell operates a worldwide product stewardship program that aims to make health, safety, and environmental protection an integral part of the development, manufacture, distribution, use, recycling, and disposal of all our products.

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Technology Centers

Our scientists, engineers, and technicians at our technology and technical centers are focused on: reducing manufacturing costs , advancing innovative and sustainable technologies, and developing products to meet customer need

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