Channelview Complex

The LyondellBasell Channelview Complex covers approximately 4,000 acres and is one of the largest petrochemical facilities on the Gulf Coast. The original complex property was purchased in 1920 by a World War I veteran from Chicago who moved to the banks of the San Jacinto River to develop a private membership-based recreational club and park, including lush picnic grounds, a clubhouse and cabins. 

The Channelview Complex is about 20 miles east of downtown Houston and has been part of the North Channel community since 1957. There are approximately 2,000 employees and contractors at the site.

The olefin units at the north side facility manufacture ethylene, propylene, butadiene and benzene. The south side facility uses these products to produce propylene oxide, styrene monomer, other derivatives, and gasoline-blending products. CVO is also home to one of the world’s largest propylene oxide and tertiary butyl alcohol (PO/TBA) plants.

LyondellBasell combines teams of highly skilled employees with some of the world's finest manufacturing equipment to produce the basic building blocks for products that people use every day, such as clothing, food packaging, household furnishings, automotive parts and home building materials. 

The Channelview Complex focuses on the safety of the community, its operations and its employees. The complex aims for zero injuries, zero process, product and environmental safety incidents and zero plastic pellet loss to the environment. The LyondellBasell GoalZERO standards apply to all employees, contractors and suppliers performing work at the sites.

This complex is an integral part of the Channelview area’s economy.  It provides good-paying jobs, property taxes and donations. Among the agencies and organizations supported by Channelview Complex are Channelview, Sheldon and Crosby/Huffman school districts, Channelview and Crosby fire departments, Greens Bayou Coalition, North Channel Rotary Club and North Channel Chamber of Commerce.  In addition to donating time and money, the site connects and engages with community representatives through its Community Advisory Panel.

In 2022, the Channelview Complex instituted a site-wide plastic bottle recycling program and collected over 10 tons of plastics. This amount of energy equals ~6kWh of electricity and could charge ~100 electric vehicles.  

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Community Alert Systems  

The Channelview Complex employs several methods to alert residents and businesses to an event at the facility.

Community Awareness Emergency Response (CAER) is a smartphone app developed by the East Harris County Manufacturers Association to provide emergency information about industrial incidents and general information about flaring, noise, unusual odors and emergency response drills. Anyone can sign up to receive CAER alerts via the app.

Channelview Complex Siren Alerts

Click on the links below to listen to audio files that can help you familiarize yourself with different sirens you may hear used at the Channelview Complex in the case of an emergency:

LyondellBasell Channelview Complex Emergency Alarm

LyondellBasell Channelview Complex Evacuation Alarm

LyondellBasell Channelview Complex All-Clear Alarm


Notice of Application and Preliminary Decision for TPDES Permit for Industrial Wastewater Amendment

Permit Application

Fact Sheet & Executive Director’s Preliminary Decision

Draft Permit

Subsequent Revisions to these documents

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Lyondell Chemical Company – Channelview Facility

Permit Renewal and Amendment Application
Permit Number: WQ0002927000
Lyondell Chemical Company
Channelview Complex
Channelview, TX
Regulated Entity Number: RN100633650
Customer Reference Number: CN600344402

Please contact Nancy Ross at 281-452-8722 for hardcopies of the application.