Houston Refinery


LyondellBasell's Houston refinery is one of the largest refineries designed to process heavy, high-sulfur crude oil.

Houston Refining is one of the largest refineries in the United States designed to process heavy-sulfur crude oil. We’ve earned 13 national safety awards in the last five years.

Our 268,000-barrel-per-day refinery is strategically located on the U.S. Gulf Coast with access to interstate pipelines and the Port of Houston. The facility covers approximately 700 acres at the city limits of Houston and Pasadena, Texas.

The refinery has the ability to transform very heavy high-sulfur crude oil into clean fuels including 
reformulated gasoline and low-sulfur diesel. Other products include heating oil, jet fuel, olefins feedstocks, aromatics, lubricants and petroleum coke.

The Houston refinery was one of the first petroleum refineries constructed on the Houston Ship Channel 
and traces its origin to 1918. The initial plant was operated by Sinclair Refining and later by Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO). The refinery was part of a joint venture with CITGO Petroleum from 1993 –2006. The company reacquired full ownership of the plant in 2006 and the refinery, operating as Houston Refining LP, is now a wholly owned subsidiary of LyondellBasell.

Our refinery's clean products include premium grades such as reformulated gasoline, jet fuel, ultra-low 
sulfur diesel and aromatics. Other products include conventional gasoline, lube oils, carbon black oil, refinery-grade propylene, sulfur, residual fuel and petroleum coke.

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