Edison Plant


The Edison plant manufactures the company’s Avant ZN catalysts used in the production ofpolypropylene plastic resins.

The Edison Plant manufactures the company’s Avant ZN catalysts used in the production of polypropylene plastic resins. The plant borders the Raritan River and encompasses 100 acres, 25 of which are developed. It has been a manufacturing site since 1929, but has changed products and ownership many times. It is now a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility serving as the supplier ofpolyethylene and polypropylene catalysts to the company’s customers worldwide.

The site also shares a facility owned by W. R. Grace for the preparation of custom catalysts and components. LyondellBasell provides maintenance, logistics, training and site safety services, but the two companies hold separate environmental and regulatory permits.

Performance Summary

Our commitment to sustainable growth balances our responsibility to provide economic value for our stakeholders, while respecting the social concerns of the community in which we operate, and demonstrating care for the environment around us.

Providing Economic Value

Our site is a significant contributor to the local economy by providing skilled jobs, purchasing local goods and services and by paying taxes to support local schools and government services.

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